Cadiz, Inc. Bullies This Website
To Silence It
Cadiz Inc. has major law firm make frivolous claim.

Stop Cadiz, Inc. Stop Cadiz, Inc.


    The following is the controversial CADIZ, INC. DEMAND LETTER that you may have heard about.  In the interest of fair reporting, we are publishing an unabridged and unedited copy of the 'CADIZ, INC. DEMAND LETTER' that demands we turn over our ownership of the CADIZWATER.COM domain name to Cadiz, Inc.

October 26, 2012

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    Cadiz, Inc. is claiming that it "owns rights in the CADIZ mark"  and therefore is apparently claiming a possessory interest and right to our domain name CADIZWATER.COM.   Cadiz in reality is the name of a geographical site; actually there are multiple locations called Cadiz in the United States alone.

    Cadiz, Inc. itself has taken the "mark" of Cadiz (California) for its own name.  And now Cadiz, Inc. claims that it exclusively "...owns rights in the CADIZ mark and related marks for use in connection with its renewable resource services."

    "By so using the CADIZ mark, you are misappropriating and improperly benefitting from the goodwill that Cadiz has established in its CADIZ marks and infringing upon Cadiz's rights in its trademark,"  Cadiz, Inc. claims.

    The geographical name Cadiz is not proprietary, it is not a registered trademark, nor is it a registered service mark; and the protection of the water at Cadiz (California) is what this website is about.